Successful Disposal Project: Seized Alcohols Handled Responsibly and Environmentally

The Ministry of Customs and Revenue, in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources, executed a highly successful disposal project on the 31st of July, 2023, for seized alcohols. The disposal project was carried out following the directives of the Alcohol Control Board and in line with the Alcohol Control Act 2020.

Background and Purpose:
  • The seized alcohols were the outcome of a joint effort by the Alcohol Control Board and the Ministry of Police in response to reports of unauthorized alcohol sales at two shops in Savaii operated by Chinese nationals and fronted by Samoans. The two shops submitted applications to the Alcohol Control Board for a retail license to sell alcohol at their premises. The Alcohol Control Board conducted an inspection and confirmed the businesses were operating without proper alcohol licenses while await approval of applications.

  • Upon completion of the inspection, the Ministry of Police conducted a seizure of the alcohol with the presence of the Liquor Inspector and the Secretary to the Board, as mandated by the law. The two shop owners (Samoans) were charged and prosecuted and were found guilty in the District Court. Subsequently, the defenders involved in the case were discharged without conviction. Then the Honorable Judge Loau Keslake directed that all seized alcohol should be confiscated as Government property and appropriately handed over to the relevant Ministries.

  • In compliance with the Alcohol Control Board's decision to dispose the alcohol, the Ministry of Revenue, together with the MNRE carefully planned out the disposal methods with the advice from SROS took decisive action in ensuring an environmentally conscious disposal of the confiscated alcohols. After a site assessment at Tafaigata, two desiggnated areas were identified as suitable for the disposal project:
    • The Drainage Area: This location was deemed optimal for the disposal of the seized alcohols.
    • The Tamaligi Tree Area: A specific spot under a tamaligi tree, featuring a pre-existing hole, was carefully selected for the disposal process.

  • The Alcohol Control Board, extends its gratitude to the MNRE team, and the Ministry of Customs and Revenue team for their unwavering support and cooperation throughout the disposal project. This joint effort has exemplified the power of interagency collaboration in ensuring the successful performance of critical initiatives.

  • The Alcohol Control Board continues to enforce its legislation to improve public compliance. Our primary objective is the safety of the general public. Vendors of alcohol must be responsible in ensuring they hahve a business license to operate a business and secondly that they apply and have an approved license to sell alcohol before they start selling alcohol.