The Ministry of Customs and Revenue (‘MCR’), launched its new but revived Customs International Uniform today, Tuesday 17th August 2021 in an official ceremony held in the DBS building conference room. This initiative, has been in the pipeline since 2019 when the Senior Management Team responded to staff feedback from its annual Staff Engagement Survey, to revive the Customs International uniform to enhance greater unity and uniformity . It was also a commitment to ensure that its official uniform code is in line with international uniform standards of the World Customs Organisation and aims to raise the profile of all Customs officers in their professional capacity particularly, in its core areas of border protection, trade facilitation and revenue collection.

The Hon.Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Customs and Revenue, Afioga Tuala Tevaga Iosefo Ponafasio delivered the keynote address to over 80 Customs Officers, reiterating the unity a Uniform presents in any profession and further encouraged Customs personnel to uphold the values of ethical service as their uniform demands

Being an ex military man himself, the Hon.Deputy Prime Minister reflected on his time in the Royal NZ Infantry Regiment and passionately stressed the significance of ones uniform, in that it is not just ordinary attire to be worn without purpose, it is to be respected, cared for and protected as it is a presentation of ones self and respresentation of what one stands for “You have a very special relationship with your uniform, do not neglect your uniform, respect it, respect the rulesit upholds and values that it stands for, your uniform will be your safe guard if you safe guard your uniform”

The Associate Minister, Afioga Masinalupe Makesi Masinalupe led the ceremony with a heartfelt homily with uplifting spiritual message for the Ministry’s uniform to depict ‘one family of God and one heart to serve our people’ and to guide the effective and efficient performance of their duties. The spirit of unity was echoed by the CEO Matafeo Avalisa Viali Fautua’alii statement “Its been a long time coming and weve had obstacles along the way especially with delays caused by Covid 19 in shipping and delivery, but to finally see our officers wearing their uniform today not only boosts morale but also encouraging as it presents a united team, one team, which is what we are about, Team Work”

Overall, the achievement of this feat is affirmation of the Ministry’s ongoing commitment to strive collectively under the banner of its vision of “Working Together for a Secure and Prosperous Samoa” and to uphold the security of our borders, facilitate trade effectively and maintain efficiency it its revenue collection, thus contributing to the SDS goals for a sustainable economy and overall improved social development.

The Ministry would like to acknowledge the support of the government through the Ministry of Finance in the procurement of its new uniform as well as its supplier SSAB who despite the delays and constraints caused by COVID 19 made every effort to meet its deadlines and ensure this important ceremony goes ahead as planned. The phase 2 of MCR uniform is in its final stages and the Ministry endeavours to have all staff donned with the same colours by the end of the year.